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We are very pleased to introduce you to G-Quest, we hope that you enjoy this short tour around her and look forward to discussing her with you if you wish to enquire about customisation, capability or offer suggestions. The G-Quest is the second in the G-Series concept designed for humanitarian purposes. She is Class-A oceanographic research and shore capable exploration and hospital vessel. 

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G-Quest Description: 14/02/2023

The Future in Research, Humanitarian Goals, and Luxury

The mission of G-Quest, a 215-meter yacht, allows its owner to oversee their philanthropic efforts while living in luxury at sea.  She is designed for both humanitarian and research objectives.
The upper three decks are designated for the owner and the owner’s guests. The remaining 80% of the yacht is dedicated to oceanographic research, medical research, green propulsion experimentation, and medical intervention. 


G-Quest is propelled by azimuth thrusters. The thrusters receive power from the batteries. The batteries are charged by gensets, the gensets are in turn fueled by hydrogen, methanol, biodiesel, and green fuels of the future

If chosen as a propulsion system, a thorium molten salt reactor heats up water and powers the steam turbine. The steam turbine is connected to a generator which charges the batteries and provides direct electrical power to the azimuth thrusters. 

In addition, the G-Quest will be experimenting with various new battery technologies.
G-Quest Features and Accommodations
Multi-functional explorer yacht 215-meters long with a 30-meter beam
Full displacement hull
Long range, 20,000+ nautical miles
6,500 sq ft aircraft hangar for two Sikorsky S-92 VIP helicopters, electric VTOL for ship to shore transport of personnel (a Steve Kozloff Design), and various smaller helicopters.
Two Cessna Caravan Seaplanes hangered midship at the waterline. The Cessna Caravan is a practical way to resupply and transport personnel long distances. The cavernous access also offers a practical portal to remove and replace various experimental propulsion systems.


Fully equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, detection, and communications equipment.
Six fast fully electric, hydrofoil tenders by Candela.
One electric ship-to-shore landing craft for transporting vehicles and bulk freight.
Garage to accommodate and launch one U-Worx Research submarine.
Complete dive center with decompression chamber.
Three fully electric Taiga-Orca jet skis
Garage designated for two SUVs, including one mobile self-contained Nimbl overland exploration vehicle.
Full electronic and hard security measures and anti-terrorism/pirate systems with onboard close protection security officers, and armored windows.
20+ hospital beds including 5G connected robotic surgery facilities.


Complete oceanographic laboratory, medical laboratory, MRI and x-ray imaging, ophthalmology department, and dentist suite.

Crows nest with full command and control
3,000 sq ft owner’s suite located at the bow with panoramic views and large private pool.
Large spa and pool with bar and shaded lounging area on the flybridge.
Pool and shaded lounging area above the hangars aft.
At the bow is a large solarium featuring a salon/dining area with unhindered views of the sky and seascape.

Beach club with full bar

The stern features a spacious dinning and lounging area with panoramic windows.
A half-court basketball court on the flybridge.

When at anchor, the G-Quest will deploy wave energy mats to generate green electrical power.
The G-Quest accommodates 26 owner’s guests in full luxury, plus 150 crew that includes doctors, scientists, pilots, nurses, research engineers, and the ship’s operating crew.
At the stern are six free fall lifeboats and various self-inflating life raft systems as backup.


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Design and features

  1. Large explorer vessel (220 meter long with 30-meter beam).

  2. Full displacement hull

  3. Long range 20k+ nautical miles

  4. Aircraft hangar for two Sikorsky S-92 VIP helicopter

  5. Fully equipped with the finest available navigation and communications equipment

  6. Six fast electric hydro-foil tenders

  7. One electric ship to shore landing craft for transporting vehicles and heavy cargo.

  8. Three fully electric jet skis

  9. Garage to accommodate and launch one submarines. U-Worx submarine.

  10. Complete dive center with decompression chamber.

  11. Hybrid propulsion that can use various types of green fuels.

  12. Armored windows

  13. Anti-terrorism/pirate systems

  14. 20 seat theater

  15. Fire control and suppression systems

  16. 18 VIP cabins with dressing rooms and full bathroom

  17. 20 bed hospital with operating room.

  • A four-rotor e-Vetol SSAL short-range quadcopter

  • Turkish bath

  • Three Heated pools with automatic self-cleaning system

  • Martial arts / yoga studio

  • Full exercise center

  • Staff and crew quarters

  • Guest cabins

  • Doctor and scientist accommodations

  • Warehouses with hydrogen forklifts

  • Two exterior cranes for loading and offloading cargo

  • Elevators throughout the yacht

  • Beach club at stern

  • Two Large dining rooms

  • Large salon room

  • Large kitchen with cold rooms and large pantries

  • Garage designated for two SUVs

  • Office with various types of communication technologies

  • Large full beam master suite with private deck and pool forward.

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