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Born in 1954, Steve Kozloff was introduced to sailing craft early in life. His father, Alex Kozloff was a significant influence—a man with a large presence in the nautical world as a nautical engineer, world class designer, and racer. At the young age of 8, Steve started drawing mega luxury yacht concepts. Five decades later, thousands of designs later, Steve’s abilities have evolved to a place where he has teamed up with renowned system partners and is providing a full turnkey, Design & Build service to clients. Steve is assisted by Neill Laurenson who acts as our in-house Owners Representative, coordinating the client's requirements, the ship building process, vessel security, the fit out health & safety and sea trials.

Steve is a very diverse designer, who has designed the detailed concept VTOL Pegasus aircraft and designs the NIMBL Expedition campers.

In-house Owner Representation & Security Services

A successful project is a referral by a satisfied owner and to achieve this we focus tirelessly on every minute detail and ensure that we fully understand our client’s requirements and project dreams.
We coordinate all the work with the design team, the security team, naval architects, interior designers’ engineers and shipyards, to ensure a streamlined and professional vessel for our clients.
We ensure the yacht specification, the scope of works, the logistical and ancillary processes such as insurances, compliances and sea trial and commissioning are all factored in to provide a fiscally resilient project price assembly.
We ensure that a client’s vessel is built to the highest Superyacht standard and that she meets or exceeds the owner's expectations.

From the outset, we adopt a comprehensive team approach, using technology to avert distance issues for team members that spread around the world.

Services that our Owner Representative team can provide include:

  • Architect selection

  • Ship broker selection

  • Budget preparation, scoping and financial management

  • Contract development and negotiation

  • Vessel security.

    • Security vs. Design integration; IP Protection, 'Citadel' design; Communications security; High-Tech and physical repulsion systems.

    • Operational Health & Safety protocols & training [Fire escape / pirate activity etc.]

  • Onsite inspections utilizing immersive mixed reality systems by Microsoft HoloLens.

  • Owner representation

  • Procurement of owner specified fixtures

  • Progress monitoring and reporting

  • Sea trial attendance and management

  • Selection and management of subcontractors

  • Shipyard selection

  • Specification development

  • Staff 'on-boarding', vetting and training. [ Pilots, divers, medical teams and Close Protection teams ]

  • System design and equipment selection

  • Virtual site inspections and progress monitoring by IR systems.

  • Warranty management and negotiation

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