Steve in 'creating mode'

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On the drawing board
There a number of new innovations on the 'drawing board' at the moment, please visit us here regularly or follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date. 
Our next project is going to be something very special in the Super Yacht sail driven vessel realm.
If you have a project in mind and would like it designed specifically around your needs, please contact us for confidential discussion.

On the drawing board in may 2022 - Something 'trinormous'! 

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On the drawing board in March 2022 - another Steve Kozloff world first, this time for wind assisted commercial shipping :-

A unique wind assisted shipping container vessel with some very, very unique capabilities making her one of the worlds most cost effective and carbon efficient ways of delivering containers to ports with or without formal ports and even to islands with no port facilities.

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See the 'Elegante' page

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Concept sketch of a 83 meter sailing yacht.
eVTOL / Helicopter pad and hanger etc.

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A 200 ft / 61 m Classic Yacht coming to life...enquires to be the owners of this beauty as it evolves very welcome.

200 meter g11 style.jpg
triple solid 555 ft.JPG

207m Explorer Class2 Ice Breaker


555" / 169m....Tri-Solid-Sail

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Progression of concept for the 83 meter sailing yacht, showing the folding Solid Sails and tilting AOEL DRIVE mast. 
Now you can take your beautiful sailing superyacht to destinations not able to be reached by tall sail ships before....

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A new G-Series Class 2 Ice Breaker being born....does not have it's
'G' Classification yet,
watch this space.

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