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Born in 1954, Steve Kozloff was introduced to sailing craft early in life. His father, Alex Kozloff was a significant influence, a man with a large presence in the nautical world as a nautical engineer, world class designer, and racer.

At the young age of 8, Steve started drawing mega luxury yacht concepts. Five decades later, thousands of designs later, Steve’s abilities have evolved to a place where he has teamed up with renowned system partners and is providing a full turnkey, Design & Build service to clients. Steve is a very diverse designer, who has designed the detailed concept VTOL Pegasus aircraft and designs the NIMBL Expedition campers.


Steve is assisted by Neill Laurenson who apart from acting as our in-house Owners Representative, also has huge natural creative ability have proven to be extremely innovative in the superyacht industry. His ability to assemble teams, explore new innovative products and methodologies, have most recently led to the new design of our Caribù II, folding sail Megayacht design, the GYRO-LZ and the G-Global. he has been responsible for the great and growing relationship with Chantiers de l'Atlantique and with CNIM for the use of the L-Cat' on the G-Global vessel.  Neill is also the inventor of our own ‘APEF’ ‘hidden electric fence’, anti-pirate deterrent system. 


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