The GOLIATH Series explorer yachts are purpose-built steel hulled motor yachts with ice class hulls (PC2). Their steel hulls have the strength to endure the intensity of driving through moderate multi-year ice conditions.  Undoubtedly, making this series of explorer yachts most formidable.
On average, each yacht in the GOLIATH series is capable of the extreme range of at least 20,000nm.

Also, each yacht in the GOLIATH series offers:
        • A water ballast system that can adjust the draft 30% for shallow water operations, or for stability purposes;(Except Caribu and Narvalo)
        • A very generous free-board at the bow, offering a drier on-deck experience in heavy seas;
        • Rotor-craft hangars that are a necessity in long-term harsh condition voyages, and a very useful feature for visiting guests 
         with helicopters;
        • Free fall life boats to assure a successful deployment in the worst of conditions.